InPro 7050(T705)


InPro 7050 is basic barium dinonylnaphthalene sulfonate with excellent rust inhibition. InPro 7050 is made by the process of neutralization and alkalization, which is of outstanging acid neutralization and rust prevention.


1、Excellent resistance to salt fog and humidity

2、Excellent water resistance allowing it to formulate dewatering fluid and wax film counter rust oil

3、Excellent acid neutralization, suited to be used in acid atmosphere

4、HCL scavenger enabling to protect newly machined metal parts from corrosion of HCL in EP MWF


  Recommended dosage
Grease 0.5% - 3.0%
Gear oil (L-CKD, GL-5) 0. 10% - 0.5%
Counter rust oil5.00% - 15.0%




Test method

Density, 20℃ , g/cm3

1.000- 1.050

GB /T2540- 1981

Flash point, (COC),℃


GB /T3536-2008

Water content, %


GB /T260- 1977

KV@100℃ , mm2/s

50- 100

GB /T265- 1988

Mechanical impurity, %


GB /T511- 1988

Barium content, %


SH /T0225- 1992

TBN, mgKOH/g


SH /T0251- 1993

Humid cabinet, hour


GB /T2361- 1992

Oil solubility


Visual a


Brown transparent viscous liquid

Visual b

a.Add 5% sample into 150N base oil in the beaker and stirring till complete dissolving. 24 hours later, observe whether there is white sediment or suspension.

b.Pour sample into glass tube (30-40mm diameter, 120-130mm height) up to the height of 2/3. Observe its appear-ance.


200 kg, iron drum

Storage condition and shelf life

Advised to be stored in a dry, cool place at the temperature of less than 50℃ . Best to use within 2 years from the manufacturing date.

Safety Instruction

Avoid the direct contact with eyes, face and skin. Please refer to MSDS of 7050 for more information.