ARP-120 is a waterborne, transparent anti-rust coating which is mainly used for interim protection of pipe transportation. ARP-120 has excellent rust inhibition. It dries fast and can be applied by rolling, brushing and spraying. ARP-120 is odorless and harmless to operators since water is used as thinner.


1、Waterborne and environment-friendly
2、Excellent rust inhibition
3、Fast dry to touch
4、Excellent adhesion


Item Result Test method
Appearance Translucent liquid Visual
Density, 20℃, g/cm3 Approx. 1.0 GB/T4472-2011
Viscosity (Tu-4 cup), secs >15 GB/T1723-1993
Dry time, minutes <13 GB/T1728-1979
Solids, % >30 GB/T1725-2007
Adhesion 1 GB/T1720-1979


Steel pipe, steel sheet rust prevention.

Surface treatment

Shot blasting or sand blasting
Cleanliness, rating Sa 2.5 GB/T8923.1-2011
Roughness, μm 40-70
Manual or power tool rust removing, rating St3 GB/T8923.1-2011

Application condition

Keep the temperature of application environment within 0℃ and 50℃. The temperature of steel surface is 3℃ higher than dew point temperature.

Application parameter

Method Thinner, wt.% Spray pressure, Mpa Nozzle diameter, mm
Manual rolling, brushing 0-5 - -
Air compressed spray 5-10 0.3-0.4 1.5-2.5
High pressure, airless spray 0-5 10.0-16.0 0.48-0.63
Notes: Thinner/cleaner is drinking water.

Storage condition

ARP-120 is classified as inflammable liquid. Keep it away from sunlight and heat source. Please refer to MSDS for more detailed information.