Company Profile

       Suzhou Xushuguan Chemical Additive Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979, which predecessor is Suzhou Xushuguan Chemical Additive  Plant. It is an enterprise that specializes in producing metal rust inhibitor and anti-rust oil with the history of over 50 years.  Since 1987, started the production of dinonyl naphthalene sulfonate salts and quickly became one of major suppliers of DNN Sulfonate based rust inhibitors. These top-tier rust inhibitors gain more than 65% of market shares in China and nearly 45% of global market share. Our quality and service are well-recognized by customers in Asia, North America, EU and South America. Our philosophy is “The cutting-edge quality control and management is the guarantee of our reputation”.

       In past decades we adhere to consistently improve the quality of dinonyl naphthalene sulfonate salts. We have been heavily investing technical efforts and funds in optimizing all physical/chemical parameters of our products, like purity, colour, water separation, etc. and our product portfolio is expanded from original barium salt to zinc salt, magnesium salt and amine salt which enable us to provide the market with a complete rust inhibiting solution and extra advantage.   

       late 1990s, barium salt was stringently restricted by EU market. In compliance with EU regulation of restricted use of heavy metal, we embarked on the research, development, and production of environment-friendly calcium and zinc sulfonates. We have been constantly marketing these greener anti-rust additives to meet varied needs from customers.

       Meanwhile, continued innovations have been made by us to optimize manufacturing process of traditional sulfonate anti-rust additives, like barium alkyl benzene sulfonate and calcium alkyl benzene sulfonate. We have developed liquid high-barium content alkyl benzene sulfonate and overbase calcium alkyl benzene sulfonate which complement our product portfolio for high-end lubricant customers.

       In addition of presence in lubricant industry, Suzhou Xushuguan Chemical Additive Co.,Ltd expanded our sulfonation expertise to acid catalysts for coating and rubber manufacturer. Our InCat brand is a superior acid catalyst platform to maximize curing speed, minimize curing temperature and ensuring optimum coating surface characteristics, like hardness, flexibility, chemical resistance and adhesion. InCat series consists of blocked and unblocked DNNSA, DNNDSA, DDBSA and PTSA acid catalyst. 

       Our company commits to customer-oriented philosophy in production, sales. We make all efforts to develop concrete collaboration with our partners and stick to win-win approach.