InCat 7025B


InCat 7025B is an amine neutralized acid catalyst based on para-toluenebenzene sulfonic acid, which boosts the reaction of amino crosslinker and polymers with functional group of hydroxyl, carboxyl, amide and carbamate. It accelerates the curing rate and reduce curing temperature.


1、Low temeperature cure
2、High gloss
3、Excellent stability in water-borne and high solid system

Typical Date

Item Result Test method
Appearance Yellow, clear liquid Visual
PH value 6.5 ±0.5 PH paper tester
Specific gravity, g/cm3 0.94 ±0.02 ASTM D 4052
Active, % 25±1 ASTM E301
Colour 3 Max Gardner
Min. cure temperature 80°C


Soluble in water, alcohols, ketones, esters, glycols, glycol esters; insoluble in aromatic and alphatic hydrocarbon.


1、Wood coating
2、Coil coating
3、Pringtng ink
4、Paper coating
5、General industril coating
6、Can coating

Shelf life

2 years when stored at room temperature in the original container.

Addition and Dosage

Pre-diluated with alcohols or directly added into formulation with adequate stirring. Recommended dosage is 0.5–2% based on the amout of resin solids.

Safety instruction

Wearing safety gogles and gloves when handling InCat 7025B. Store it at room temperture. For more information, please refer to InCat 7025B MSDS.