InCat 5070


InCat 5070 is an acid catalysit based on dedocylbenzene sulphonic acid which is dissolving in isopropanol. InCat 5070 is capable to accelerate the crosslining of melamine resin and ploymers with hydoxyl, carboxyl functionality.


1、General purpose acid catalyst
2、Excellent solubility
3、Excellent flow and levelling property


Item Specification Test method
Appearance Brown, viscous liquid Visual
Active, % 70 GB/T5173
Free oil, % ≤2.0 GB/T8447 Appendix
Sulfuric acid, % ≤1.5 GB/T6366
Clour (Klett) ≤50 GB/T8447 Appendix
Solvent Isopropanol


Soluble in water, alcohols, ketone, ester, glycol, glycol ester and aromatic/aliphatic hydrocarbon.


1、Coiling paint
2、Can coating
3、General industrial coating
4、Paper coating
5、Automobile topcoat

Shelf life

2 years when stored at room temperature in the original container.

Addition and Dosage

Pre-diluted with alcohols or directly added into formulation with adequate stirring. Recommended dosage is 0.5–2% based on the amount of resin solids.

Safety instruction

Wearing safety gogles and gloves when handling InCat 5070. Store it at room temperture. For more information, please refer to InCat 5070 MSDS.