InPro T7000 (T705A)


InPro 7000 is an excellent rust inhibitor, widely used in lubricant, grease, rust preventive fluids and metal- working fluids. It exhibits outstanding demulsifiability and filterability, wet and dry. InPro 7000 is compatible with other additives and different kind of base oils. Meanwhile InPro 7000 is a good dispersant for solid additives.


1、Excellent resistance to humidity

2、Excellent compatibility with oxidized wax and other additives

3、Excellent water resistance and water separation

4、Excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability


  Recommended dosage
Rust preventive fluids 1.00% - 15.0%
Hydraulic oil (L-HM, Denison HF-0, HF- 1) 0.05% - 0.5%
Industrial and auto gear oil (L-CKD, GL-5) 0. 10% - 1.0%
Grease 0.50% - 3.0%




Test method

Density, 20°C, g/cm3

1.000 - 1.050

GB /T2540- 1981

Flash point (COC), ℃


GB /T3536-2008

Water content, %


GB /T260- 1977

KV@100C, mm2/s

40 – 60

GB /T265- 1988

Mechanical impurity, %


GB /T511- 1988

Barium, %


SH /T0225- 1992

TBN, mgKOH/g


SH /T0251- 1993

TAN, mgKOH/g


GB /T264- 1983

Demulsification (40-37-3), minutes


GB /T7305-2003

Humid Cabinet, hours


GB /T2361- 1992

Oil solubility


Visual a


Brown, viscous, transparent liquid

Visual b

a. Add 5% sample into 150N base oil in the beaker and stirring till complete dissolving. 24 hours later, observe whether there is white sediment or suspension.

b. Pour sample into glass tube (30-40 mm diameter, 120-130 mm height) up to the height of 2/3. Observe its appear-ance.

Package and Storage

200kg of iron drum. Advised to be stored in a dry, cool place at the temperature of less than 50℃ . Best to use within 2 years from the manufacturing date.

Safety Instruction

Avoid the direct contact with eyes, face and skin. Please refer to MSDS of 7000 for more information.